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Material is a two component paste-paste dual syringe root canal sealer based on epoxy resin. It is the endodontic product for every dental practice and can be used for all established and more recent root canal sealing techniques.
Long term sealing properties
Outstanding dimensional stability
Excellent Biocompatibility
Self-adhesive properties
Good radiopacity
+Dual-syringe design provides for accurate dispensing
+Is homogeneous ,free of air bubbles and easy to mix ( paste / paste )
+Provides a hermetic seal
+Penetrates superbly into the smallest lateral canals
+Does not stain teeth
+Has low solubility in soft tissue
+Has good apical tolerance
+Is radio-opaque.
Characteristics While using an Endo Plus in combination with gutta-percha points  
+Easy to mix by paste-paste
+Hermetic sealing ability
+Nonstaining to the teeth
+Insoluble in tissue fluids
+Working time of 35 minutes at 23°C (73°F)
+Setting time of 45 minutes at 37°C (99°F)
+Storage temperatures: +18°C (64°F) to +24°C (75°F)

Packanging Detail
*13,5 g dual syringes(Base 9g (Epoxy resin,Calcium phosphate)Catalyst 4.5 g (Amines,Bismuth subcarbonate)
*Mixing Plate
*Dimension :55x180x40(mm)
*Weight:13,5 g
• Allows for a single cone obturation
• Fits securely into .04 or .06 instrumented canal
• Sold in packages of 60,120 points
• Hand-rolled
• Available in color-coded ISO sizes 15-40,45-80 etc.

Absorbent Paper Points
• Color coded
• Highly absorbent
• Sterilized individual packages
• Variety sizes and packages available

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