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ZENIT COLOR - Light Curing Stains on Composite - Basis Kit
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The flowable stain system which is cured with is cured with light. Is appropriate for the characterization of the artificial teeth nad composite covered teeth. Zenit color composite stains cases to have the high quality restorations. 

Specifications  Benefits
Easy to mix the colors  Eternal rasion possibilities
Creates effects both superficially and deeply  Can be used universally
Can be directly applied with syringe  Easy and exact
Restoration of the baby tooth   Can be wed as colorful composite for baby tooth
Tooth tatoo cases  It remove the prejudge of the children against the dentists

The characterization of the bridges and the crowns, individualization of the sşpecial made resin teeth and the characterization of the dentur based partial or complete prothesis. 10 colors are available

Zenit Color composite can be polarimized by the all traditional curing light system. Before the final polimerization, all the cavity can be filled with Zenit Color. By this way, the generation of the nef dispersion layer can be prevented and the finalization of the object will be easier. Please use curing light system that has the emmission spectrum of 310-500nm. The perfect results can be obtained only if the perfect light source is used. It is crucial that the curing light system should be tested regularly according to the instruction of the manufacturer. 

 Spektra LED  1 min
 Spektra 2000 fast  3 min
 Spektra 2000DC-XS/Uni-XS   5 min
 Spektramat  3 min
 Labolight  LV-II/III  5 min
 Solidilite EX  5 min

Clinical Cases

Time and work
1-3 minutes depending on the curing light. 

Packaging Details
10x1gr Syringe (orange, clear, khaki, dark brown, red, black, white, light brown, yellow, blue) 

50% weight 36% by volume
Glass filler (Medium particle size: 0.7 µm)
Pyrogenic silica (Medium particle size: 0,01 µm)

Product Code: PRD.01.ZC.SET.100
Shades: Black, Blue, Clear, Dark Brown, Khaki, Light Brown, Orange, Red, White, Yellow

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