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PROSHIELD VARNISH - Sodium Fluoride Varnish
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Proshield Varnish prevents the high sensitivity derived from mouth dry, rotten root , come up of dentin or sementum. Available in hygenig single-use packs. It removes the possibility of cross infection. It provides high patient satisfaction by its bubble gum taste and also with minimum eat/drink restriction.

Proshield Varnish, on the contrary of traditional treatments, is user-friendly. It does not require profile applications. It proides flouride delivery for 6-8 hours when contacted with saliva. 

+ Resin
+ Sodium Fluoride  
+ Ethanol 
+ Xylitol 
+ TCP 

+ For use as  a desensitizing agent to help relieve dentinal hypersensitivity; To line cavity preparations under amalgam restorations 
+ Caries prophylaxis

Packaging Details
• Unit Dose - 0.4ml.
• Flavor: Bubblegum, Strawberry, Melon, Mint
• Contains
       - Standard pack : 32 single-unit-dose application sticks (Product Code: PRD.01.30100)
       - Bulk pack : 200 single-unit-dose application sticks (Product Code: PRD.01.30101)


•For a use as desensitizing agent to help relieve dentinal hypersensivity;To line cavity preparations under amalgam restorations
•Caries prophylaxis

Shelf Life:
•3 years from the production date

Bulk Pack (200pcs) Product Code: PRD.01.30101
Standart Pack (32pcs) Product Code: PRD.01.30100
•Unit Dose - 0,4ml.
-Standard pack:32 single-unit dose application sticks
-Bull pack:200 single-unit-dose application sticks

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