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Impression Material
Silicone base precision impression material. Preliminary impression material for supplementary impressions.
•  Polysiloksan condensation curing preliminary impression material with high final hardness 
•  Simplified inital mixing through optimized fillers 
•  Curing in 6 to 7 minutes 
•  Suitable for the double-mix technique 
•  Superb detail reproduction 
•  Excellent for characteristics 
•  Excellent dimensional accuracy and detail 
•  Easy to use and natural taste 
•  Hydrophilic surface characteristics resulting low waste
•  Hydroxy-polydimethylsiloxane 28,40%
•  Mint flavor

Technical Details
Mixing Time  0:30 min
Processing Time  1:15 min
Time in Mouth  3:15 min
Setting Time   4:30 min
Strain in Compression  2-5%
Recovery From Deformation  >98%
Linear Dimensional Change  <0,2%

Packanging Detail
•PRD.01.1001 1600 g / 900 ml
Durosil S- Impression Material Type II
Low viscosity C-silicon ideal for two-stage technique, single stage technique with two viscosities.
Flowable consistency perfect flowability in the gingival sulcus.
Easy to use and natural taste.
Hydrophilic surface characteristics resulting low waste.

Technical Details
Mixing Time  0:30 min
Processing Time  1:15 min
Time in Mouth  3:30 min
Setting Time   5:00 min
Strain in Compression  2-8%
Recovery From Deformation  >99%
Linear Dimensional Change  <0,7%

Packaging Detail
PRD.01.10002 193g / 150ml
Paste hardener for the condensation curing Durosil products Paste Hardener comes for silicone impression materials Able to be metered sparingly Can be applied well Easy to mix in Color: Red

• Excellent flow characteristics
• No negative side effects
• Mucosal movements can be taken precisely
• Paste hardener for silicone
• Easy to mix due to outstanding wettability

C-Silicone Impression Material Kit

Durosil L : C-Silicone Impression Material Putty

Durosil S : C-Silicone Impression Light Body

Paste Hardener : C-Silicone Impression Material Catalyst

NOVA-TRAY Light curing tray

is a light-cured transparent radiopaque thixotropic impression tray material in form of contoured plates for precise work for crown, bridge and total prosthetic technique as well as for the fabrication of bases for bite patterns.
• In comparison with other special tray materials, it is remarkably easy to use.
• It has an indefinite working time.
• It is non-sticky and easy to adapt.
• It does not slump – even when forming the handle.
• It is easy to trim.
• There is virtually no wastage – extremely cost-effective.
• It can be light-cured with either UV or halogen light – there is no requirement for expensive dedicated light-curing equipment.
• It cures in just five minutes.
• It is extremely rigid and dimensionally stable – eliminating the risk of “hidden distortion” during the impression taking procedure and consequent errors, disputes and costs.
• It is exceptionally strong, even in thin sections – again eliminating the risk of hidden distortions, etc

Technical Data
Spreadability  14,0-19,0 mm
Daylight Stability  mind.20 Min
Flexural Strength  mind. 130 Mpa
Curing of Both Sides  3-5 min.
Torsion Free
NOVAMIX - Alginate Mixer

The Novamix is the ultimate alginate mixer which is noise - free and capable of producing perfect mixture with fine viscosity and no bubbles.
Features include: 
• Streamlined and compactly designed and outlook 
• Cover body made of PC for stronger pressure and heat resistance 
• Long-lasting, enhanced motor delivering high-speed torsion and ensuring fine mixing 
• Multiple memory settings allows user to set different mixing time with only one button.

Dimension  240mm(W) x 280mm (D) X300mm(H)
Net Weight 15,5 kg
Voltage AC 110V 50/60 Hz&AC220v 50/60 Hz
Power Max         400 watt
Timer 1-16 Seconds
Memory 3 types of setting (pre-installed setting :8,10,12 sec)
Revolution 2900-3600 rpm

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