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Is the leading manufacturer of innovative consumables and small equipment for the dental profession. We want to offer by healthy growth and targeted investments, professional dental products in Germany and worldwide.
With this perspective, we want to achieve in the future, great. President Dental GmbH is committed to enriching the dental community with innovative, high quality and cost effective products. For 15 years we in Germany are trying to meet our goals. We design, develop, manufacture and market a wide range of products for the dental market.
The company specializes in the production of impression materials, dental stones, light cured composite, light-curing compomer, ceramic and metal for prosthetic adhesive, etching gels, articulation paper, amalgams and Amalgamierapparate. Furthermore, we are constantly correspond to the development of valuable new products and our demanding criteria.
Our philosophy is, next to the commercial dental services of the highest quality offering that adapt to constantly meet the needs of our customers and the rapidly changing health care system. Here, the main focus is on customer satisfaction. Your success in each area of activity is our success as a company.
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President Dental GmbH 
Zehentstadelweg 7, 81247
Tel      : 0049 89 127660240 –  68 
Fax     : 0049 89 127660269
E-mail : info@presidentdental.de
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